About Me

Me and My Daughter at the Beach

Me and my Daughter at the Beach

My name is Joe and I’m a freelance copywriter and blogger who specialises in writing about technology, web design and online marketing.

After leaving my job in IT and upping sticks to move from London to Thailand, I used the opportunity to try my hand at a few different types of work.

After a few forays down different avenues I soon discovered that I really enjoyed writing and was actually pretty good at it.

With a background in online marketing and web design, I quickly learned that blogging to help businesses promote their services and products allowed me to combine my knowledge of content marketing with my enjoyment for writing.

Freelance copywriting has allowed me to work in some of the areas I have a genuine interest in such as:

  • Online publishing, marketing and web design
  • Travel and living abroad
  • Health and fitness

I’ve worked with some great clients and have enjoyed the opportunities they’ve given me to help their businesses grow. Since starting out as a freelance writer I’ve worked hard to meet my clients’ needs by delivering high quality content on schedule, which has engaged with their audiences and helped spread the word about their services.

Freelance writing has also enabled me to enjoy an incredible work-life balance. This has allowed me to not only travel the world, but also spend quality time with my two young children every day.

If you want someone who will put in the time and effort to understand your brand, service or product, and who specialises in making technical topics easy to understand, you’ve come to the right person.

To get in touch send an email to moc.e1518992062tirwn1518992062aceoj1518992062@eoj1518992062 or use the contact form.